• The special three-dimensional form gently fits the neck and shoulders. Supports the neck and back of the head in a well-balanced manner, and can be used for sleep turning. Reversible design with “Soft cotton” side and “smooth pipe” side.

    A. Side A: Soft knit fabric and wadding for a soft feel

    B. Side B: Cotton satin fabric and pipe for a refreshing feel

    You can use it with either side A or B facing up.

    C. Gusseted for stable side sleeping

    D. Concave shape in the center to support the back of the head

    E. Height adjustable for neck and head.

    F. Arch shape to fit the neck and shoulders Arch shape to fit the neck and shoulder opening

    G. Side fabric with antibacterial and deodorant treatment




  • Washable

  • Adjustable height

  • Made in Japan

  • Recommended by 98% of doctors and Anti-bacterial processing

  • The stuffing is made of polyethylene pipe with excellent air permeability and elasticity. The stuffing is made of polyethylene pipe. (Additional a refill pack)