Admiral “GO BACK”

Admiral, which started out as a uniform supplier for the Royal Navy in 1914, has built up a solid brand, and its original logo, with its impressive border pattern, is based on the Admiral’s sleeve insignia.

In the 1970s, Admiral became an official sponsor of Manchester United, major national clubs and the English national team, and in the 1980s, the brand became known as a total sports brand, supporting not only soccer, but also cricket, rugby and other sports. In the 1980s, the company became known as a total sports brand, supporting not only soccer but also cricket and rugby. As a pioneer of sports fashion, which has now become commonplace, Admiral laid the foundation for tie-ups between professional teams and sports brands.


  • Front side

    Quick-drying, sweat-absorbing, breathable, 3D cutting, and retroreflective. Equipped with functions to help athletes perform better. Each part of the garment is made of materials and cut in accordance with exercise technology.




  • Back side

  • Quick-drying, sweat-absorbing.

  • breathable, 3D cutting.

  • Retroreflective

  • Printing

  • Embroidery.

  • Nacy FC Mr.Okubo